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Jubilee of the Word
Jubilee of the Word

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Bible Marathon Scripture Schedule 2020.

Jubilee of the Word Maraton Flyer 2020.

WORD OF GOD SUNDAY! Pope Francis has declared "the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time to be devoted to the celebration, study and dissemination of the Word of God." In his letter on the occasion of the 1600th anniversary of the death of the great Scripture scholar St. Jerome, the Holy Father says that "the great challenge before us in life is to listen to Sacred Scripture and then to practice mercy." To observe the Holy Father's directive the New Testament will be read in its entirety non-stop in the town square of St. Martinville beginning on Saturday January 25 at 6 PM and ending at 4:30 PM on Sunday January 26. 70 lectors will be needed to read for 20 min. intervals. Lectors from churches from throughout Acadiana and others interested in reading are encouraged to sign up for a reading slot during the Marathon. All are encouraged to come listen and Marinate in the Word!
For more info. or to register as a lector, please call (337) 394-6550

For more info. contact Fr. Champagne at fetedieuduteche@gmail.com
or call (337)394-6550.

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Marks the beginning of the Marathon

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Bible Marathon Scripture Schedule 2019 rev.1

Jubilee of the Word Names and Times 2019.

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