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Jubilee of the Word
Jubilee of the Word

COME MARINATE IN THE WORD! The Jubilee of the Word Marathon is an extraordinary and unique way to close the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy! Beginning on Wednesday April 4 at 12:30 PM the Bible will be read publicly cover to cover without pause in the Square of St. Martinville . The Marathon will conclude on Christ the King Sunday, April 8, at 4:30 PM. Over 200 lectors will be needed for 20 minute intervals. Lectors from parishes from throughout the diocese and others interested in reading are encouraged to contact their Church parish and signup for a reading slot during the Marathon . All are encouraged to attend and listen and Marinate in the Word!

For more info. contact Fr. Champagne at fetedieuduteche@gmail.com
or (337) 394-6550.

Click here to listen to an interview by Fr. Champagne.

NAB Version to be Used for Bible Marathon .

Excel spreadsheet showing bible readings and times

Audio Bible

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Contact Fr. Michael Champagne
103 Railroad Avenue
St. Martinville, La. 70582